Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Outer timing bush

The outer camshaft bush was also cleaned with acetone and fitted with loctite using an old camshaft as a mandrel. The location pin was centred and the bush tapped home to seat. The breathing valve lined up but I can look at that more closely later. To measure the end float of the cam the two cases have to be assembled. On first fitting there was no end float and a bit of binding. I thought I might have to tap the inner bush back into the case to less than the 2thou it was set at. I decided first it might be a better idea to make allowance for the gasket which would be used when finally assembled. Pieces of card and a few casing screws were used for this exercise.

I put a casing screw into the end of the shaft and used this to pull and push the shaft to test the end float. Usually you would have to tap the outer bush inwards to take up any float. I was fortunate that with the case screws tightened and the card in place there was just discernable end float with no binding.

I am happy with set up so the loctite can be left to set. A bit of time at this point to file the breather/bush profile to match would be beneficial but any swarf has to cleaned thoroughly away.

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